BaggageIt’s difficult to pinpoint when it all began. Was it as a girl, running through my mother’s wild garden? I’d gather poke berries and beauty berries, coreopsis flowers and mint, and mash it all into dark and fragrant potions. The goal was never perfume, though – the goal was magic.

Or perhaps it was standing nose-high to my grandmother’s vanity, eying the sparkling mirrors and bottles. Everywhere the mystique of feminine beauty beckoned and smiled – in the silken hiss of a robe, the billowing clouds of powder, and the grown-lady scents of lipstick and rose.

I grew up though, and became serious. Books, school, career all clamored for attention. Busy in my mind, I forgot the importance of my senses. And yet…beauty kept whispering my name.

Grinding out a thesis, I’d sneak away to the golden glow of the cosmetics counter. Avoiding a deadline, I’d wander among perfumes. In 2010, these little trysts bloomed into a love affair. I became a mother, and suddenly the perfume from my 20s no longer fit. Searching for a new signature scent, I stumbled into the kaleidoscopic world of artisan and niche fragrances.

I thought wearing them would be enough. But now I find myself chasing these scented phantoms into the lab like some fevered alchemist – or perhaps a gal-version of Don Quixote. Wish me luck! This blog will be my notebook on the journey.

All the opinions expressed here are my own. This is a personal record of my discovery process. I do not accept compensation for reviews, nor am I a sales representative for any of the products or essential oils that I mention. You can trust that you simply are receiving my honest opinion, one human to another.


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  1. Hi Patrik – Apologies on taking so long to reply! The 2% dilution comes from the aromatherapy world, and is taking into consideration things like using essential oils in massage oils over large surfaces of the body. You are correct that perfume dilutions are much higher %, and it’s generally because they are used less frequently and on a very small portion of the body. I’ve got more info on safety here: https://idreamofperfume.com/category/safety/ And more info on doing dilutions here: https://idreamofperfume.com/category/diy/ Good luck!


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